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Specialty Slate

Slate has been acclaimed for generations as the ultimate roofing material. It is a natural stone with the remarkable ability to be manufactured into thin tiles of uniform thickness. A slate roof has no equal in durability and natural beauty. Slate enhances the aesthetic design of nearly any building with its variety of rich natural slate colors and slate textures. There are many benefits to a slate roof, from longevity and appearance to energy conservation.

Advanced materials technology has generated some new roofing materials over the years, but slate remains the clear leader in creating the world’s longest lasting and most trouble-free roofing material. It is the standard by which all others are compared. Stone-coated steel roofs are also class 4 impact-resistant, saving asset owners and managers 25 to 45% on insurance. Precision is the top installer of Decra stone-coated steel in the country and has developed and patented our own foam backer, which helps insulate and cut down on electric bills.

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