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At Precision Commercial Roofing, our team of historical roofing experts specialize in the restoration and preservation of some of the country’s finest historical roofing systems. Roofing systems that are culturally, historically, and architecturally significant. Throughout the entirety of our process, we strive to craft restorations that are durable and beautiful, yet true to the original design principles of your historic roof.

Our professionals working with a wide variety of roofing materials, including specialty copper slate, Ludowici clay tiles, wood, and more. Over the decades, we have provided historic restoration of old churches, colleges, government buildings and landmarks open to the public and private sector.


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Restoring a historical roof

When a historical roof should be restored depends greatly on factors such as the materials used, how well it was initially installed and how well it has been maintained over the years. Regular maintenance and inspections can help detect any possible failings or faults with the current system. There also may be signs showing on the interior of your building such as water stains, mold or unusual odors could indicate potential roof problems.

If you are noticing any irregularities, signs or are simply concerned, we would be happy to come out for a free inspection of your historic roofing system, provide a detailed report of our assessment complete with recommendations for either repairing, or replacing your historic roof.  Most old buildings have a significant history. Many have withstood natural disasters, wars and decades of weathering the elements. Call in a team of seasoned experts to help you preserve your own little piece of history.

Historical Roofing Systems are Unique

It is no surprise that each historical roofing system is unique and restoring such a roof system requires a well planned, individualized approach. At the conception of each project, we develop a path to move forward to preserve as much integrity of the original roofing system as possible while implementing modern upgrades that will improve its durability and longevity for the future.

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